Research Areas:

Thermal Management of Electronics

Silicon based microelectronics are likely to be the mainstay of computing for foreseeable future. We are working towards development of new microscale, thermal and fluid transport devices for efficient and on-demand thermal management of high heat dissipating microelectronics, for mobile as well as datacenter applications.


Heterogeneous condensation, i.e. phase change of a fluid from vapor to liquid, is a critical physical process in a range of industrial systems. Our work involves investigations into physics of heterogeneous condensation and its interaction with the surface chemistry and texture. The aim is to achieve efficient condensation by controlling the fluid dynamics of the process as customized towards real world applications.

Surface micro and nano texturing

We are working towards developing scalable surfaces micro and nano textures in various materials that allow us to perform controlled micro-thermofluidic investigations and can achieve significant enhancement in microscale thermal transport under realistic operating conditions.

Research Collaborations:

  • HARMoNIC: HierARchical Multiscale NanoInterfaces for enhanced Condensation processes, a multi-university project involving ETH Zurich, Italian Institute of Technology, UCL, Demokritos Greece and Max Planck Mainze
  • IIT Hyderabad


  • DST SERB (Core Research Grant)
  • Indian Institute of Technology Ropar (Institute Seed Research Grant)