Open Positions

We are constantly looking for Postdoc, PhD and Masters candidates, enthusiastic about exploring new topics in the broad research areas of microfluidics, microscale thermal transport, surface engineering and interfacial phenomena. The interested candidates should have a penchant for thorough investigations including experimental, theoretical or numerical work. We are eager to work with research scholars having a keen eye towards observation of natural phenomena, exploring the associated fundamental physics and transferring any research conclusions towards addressing critical problems of nation and society.

Immediate Opening: PhD

PhD student in the broad area of phase change, heat transfer and micro and nano fabrication.

The successful candidate will have an opportunity to engage in a wide range of activities such as surface micro and nano fabrication, development of experimental setups, conducting experiments and theoretical/ numerical analysis. The candidate should have an extensive knowledge of fundamentals of Thermodynamics, Heat & Mass Transfer and Fluid Mechanics. The candidate should have good written and oral communication skills, and the ability to multi-task effectively.

How to apply: Refer the latest advertisement for Ph.D Admissions 2nd semester 2020-2021 here

Last date of online applications: 12 April, 2021